(depr) Bonding Curve Disassembly

The bonding curve was disabled as per governance vote for the betterment of the Premia ecosystem.
The Premia Primary Bootstrap Contribution Whitepaper issued 1 January, 2021 and published in February states in the Distribution section that 25 million Premia tokens will be allocated to the Bonding Curve to be “Reserved for Future Protocol Products” (the “Bonding Curve Tokens”).
In accordance with the vote held by the Premia Community of Premia token holders, submitted on 17 April, 2021 with IPFS identifier Qmf9B7fWv5UKNDVk1m8VZcWeVNmwkqVWspsPGXSBMu1yxb regarding the disablement of the Premia Bonding Curve and reallocation of the Bonding Curve Tokens (a “Preliminary Vote”), the Bonding Curve will be disabled commencing 4 September, 2021. In further accordance with the Preliminary Vote, all Bonding Curve Tokens will be migrated to a 3 day “time-locked contract” known as "Premia: Dev Fund" (Contract Address: 0xE43147dAa592C3f88402C6E2b932DB9d97bc1C7f) “while plans and/or programs for reallocation are determined” to be used for “incentive programs and other allocations”. Premia Protocol Governance (the "Premian Assembly") will be held in the future to approve token distributions to any such plans, programs, incentive programs or any other allocations, unless otherwise defined inherently by a Premian Assembly vote.
On 4 September, 2021 a proposal (a "Core Vote") was submitted to execute the steps needed to perform the dismantling of the Bonding Curve. IPFS Identifier QmaXz5eNtzRygdRuRbpL251A6VwDgcDRyGmNTn1nsvhLfK
This proposal concluded on 09 September 2021 as a passing vote. As such, the steps in the proposal have been executed.