(depr) PREMIA Staking - Earn Protocol Fees w/ xPREMIA

Users can stake their PREMIA tokens to get xPREMIA tokens, which accrue PREMIA protocol rewards over time.
This has been updated with the vxPremia Design
Premia has always been a community-first protocol. As part of this, we believe it is important to constantly give back to the community that got us to where we are and continues to push us to new heights.
As per community vote, 80% of all protocol fees are automatically collected and converted to PREMIA, which is then automatically distributed to xPREMIA holders (PREMIA stakers). The remaining 20% of protocol fees are distributed to the PREMIA treasury, to be used for the further growth and development of the Premia ecosystem. These fees help to maintain the suite of tools that make the protocol so great and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Premia protocol.
You can participate in earning protocol rewards by staking your PREMIA tokens in the PremiaStaking contract. Once staked, your PREMIA will become xPREMIA, and you will start accumulating earned PREMIA rewards, whenever the protocol collects and distributes fees. You can then withdraw your PREMIA (with any accumulated rewards) at any time after staking.
You can also unlock reduced protocol fees in addition to earning protocol rewards by locking your xPREMIA for a selected period of time.