(depr) xPREMIA Locking - Lock for Reduced Costs

You can spend less on protocol fees by locking your xPREMIA tokens for a selected period of time.
This has been updated with the vxPremia Design
If you are a power-user of the protocol, or you envision yourself making significant trades in the future, considering locking your xPREMIA to unlock discounted fees across the protocol. The longer your lock your xPREMIA and the more xPREMIA you lock, the more your fees will be decreased across purchases and option settlement.
Your xPREMIA will continue earning PREMIA rewards the entire time it is locked.

Stake Levels

The amount of discount is determined by the amount of xPREMIA locked and the length of the lock. Discounts for each amount of locked tokens are shown below, with each intermediate amount being interpolated between the two closest levels.
5,000 Locked - 25% discount
50,000 Locked - 50% discount
250,000 Locked - 75% discount
500,000 Locked - 95% discount

Lock Periods

The longer the lock period, the higher the multiplier on the original stake level. For example, if you lock 5,000 xPREMIA and have a multiplier of 2, you will have a discount as if you had 10,000 xPREMIA locked. Discount bonus multipliers for each length of locking period are shown below.
1 Month - 1x Multiplier
3 Months - 1.25x Multiplier
6 Months - 1.5x Multiplier
12 Months - 2x Multiplier
Multipliers do not decrease ** _until a user unlocks their xPREMIA**; a user locked for 3 months will have a 1.25x multiplier until their xPREMIA is manually unlocked 3+ months later._
The more xPREMIA you lock and the longer the time of your lock period, the more your fees on the protocol will be discounted.