Premian Civitas

Republic Citizens: Holders of Influence
Originally coined in latin by the Romans, Civitas is a united social body of Citizens.
The Premian Civitas are constituents in the Premia Collaborative Network.
They have Direct, Indirect, or Vested Interest in the Platform.
These members of Civitas or Citizens can be any of the below.
Represented by a Public Key (EOA or SC wallet)
  • Citizen: Holder of Influence, Community Member
  • Participant: Liquidity Providing User, User who Transacts on the Platform, Staking User
  • Contributor: Paid Associate or Contractor (Dev, Writer, Advocate, Researcher, Adviser, etc)
  • Multi-Stakeholder: Any Combination of the above
The amount of impact this citizen has on the economics and stewardship of the ecosystem is known as "Influence" (vxPREMIA * Boost). The formal path to decentralized governance is outlined in our Blue Descent.