Premian Assembly

The Premia protocol is community governed and managed.
Premia Protocol Governance (the "Premian Assembly") as outlined in the Premia White Paper, is a mechanism instituted via snapshot vote ( to both signal and vote on proposals by the community and core members of the Premia Ecosystem.
Community Proposals ("Preliminary Vote") are proposals submitted by community members to amend how the protocol functions, what tokens are utilized for, how to deal with significant issues or enhancements, etc. Any member of the Premia who holds 100 Premia Tokens or more can submit a community vote. If the community vote is well understood, respected, and supported, then a Core Implementation Proposal may be submitted by a core member. The Premian Republic reserves the right to elevate a Preliminary Vote to a Core Vote.
Signal Proposals ("Signal Vote") are proposals submitted by Core members to gather the interest levels of the community on a certain choice or implementation. They may be elevated from a Signal Vote to a Core vote, at the discretion of core contributors. Signal Votes that are supported or opposed are in no way binding to commit to further feature development, mechanism implementations, token allocations, etc
Implementation Proposals ("Core Vote") either initially submitted by a core member of the ecosystem development, or elevated from a Signal Proposal or Community Proposal are propositions that are to be implemented in the Premia Ecosystem as necessary steps to institute have been completed.
With the implementation of the vxPremia model and the upcoming path to decentralized governance Blue Descent, this process will be evolving into the "P3 - Premian Publication Process," a formal improvement proposal voting system.
More details coming end of year 2022