PREMIA Tokenomics

The distribution and emissions of the Premia token were carefully crafted to optimize the long-term growth and sustainability of the protocol.
Current allocation is below, this is subject to change in combination with the implementation of vxPremia and Blue Descent, however all changes require ratification via the Vote Process.
  • 30% Cross-Chain Liquidity Mining Fund (Liq Mining)
  • 20% Development Fund (Operator)
  • 10% Safety / Insurance Module (Operator)
  • 10% Initial Community Distribution (Bootstrap)
  • 10% Founder Allocation (Operator)
  • 10% Future Incentives Program (Partnerships)
  • 5% Marketing and Education Fund (Partnerships)
  • 5% Ecosystem Grants Fund (Partnerships)
Premia Tokenomics
Emission Schedule
Detailed emission schedule can be found here.