Operational Expenditure and Maintenance Costs

The protocol utilizes a number of third party platforms & networks in order to provide the optimal user experience.
While it would be nice if the protocol was a cost free automaton, there are a number of user-experience upgrades and protocol features that require continual expenditure & upkeep. These are the main expenses used by the Premia protocol:
    • Chainlink Price Feeds for accurate Pool pricing
    • Chainlink Automation
      • Auto exercise of expired options
      • Convert protocol fees to PREMIA rewards
    • On-chain Data Indexing for Premia smart contract events used on front end
      • Wallet & Protocol analytics
      • Third-party tooling
  • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Volatility Surface Oracle
    • Front-end APIs and RPCs
    • E2E Testing and Verification
  • Contract Deployment & Servicing
  • Contributor Compensation
  • Traditional Business Expenses (Legal, Marketing, Recruitment, etc)
  • Strategic Service Providers & Partnerships
  • Misc. Compute & Infrastructure Costs
Some of these must be maintained on a per-chain basis, causing expenses to scale per additional chain supported.