Protocol Tools and Expenses
The protocol utilizes a number of non-free tools in order to provide the optimal user experience.
While it would be nice if the protocol ran itself free forever, there are a number of user-experience upgrades and protocol features that require continual expenses. These are the main tools used by the Premia protocol that require expenses to upkeep:
  • Chainlink Price Feeds for accurate Pool pricing
  • Chainlink Nodes for Volatility Surface Oracle
  • Chainlink Keeper
    • Auto exercise of expired options
    • Convert protocol fees to PREMIA rewards
    • [Future:] Enable take profit and stop loss orders
  • The Graph on-chain indexing and open-source DB/API service to support the premia front-end interface and third party tools built on the Premia protocol
  • Contract deployments
All of these must be maintained on a per-chain basis, causing expenses to scale per additional chain supported.
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